The story follows bar pals who face off in a game of sports trivia, when a stranger, with a penchant for whiskey, ups the stakes with a seemingly unending knowledge beyond sports into their personal lives. With the clock ticking towards a midnight deadline, will the group survive using their wits alone before the money and time runs out.

Run Time: 26:00     Released: November 30, 2012

"Rating: 9/10... Not only is the script taut and ripe with brilliant dialogue for the performers to spew; visually and thematically it's intensely engrossing and's intensely watchable, brilliantly acted, and so capably maneuvered on every level technically..."   

"Films like The Guy Knows Everything reaffirms my belief that new, exciting and original cinema is still out; it’s alive and kicking, and it only takes someone with a set of balls to bring films like this to a wider audience... This is a truly terrific film that kept my attention completely; one moment I was laughing out loud, the next I was chewing my finger nails. The Guy Knows Everything, so he already knows that I thought this was an outstanding film."

"Rating 4.5/5... RIVETING! From start to finish, I was on the edge of my seat until the end! To sum up this twenty six minute short, three words: Riveting, Gripping, DEVILISH!"   

"In a world where Hobbits and Avengers fill our heads with explosions and CGI created adventures, it is refreshing to be able to sit back and enjoy an absorbing tale that relies on the story and the characters to keep its audience’s eyes forward."   

"The Guy Knows Everything is a dark, fun, and absorbing film anchored by great performances."

"When I first read the brief synopsis for the film, it was obvious that there was serious potential to be had, but this goes beyond what I had expected."

"Fast paced, with captivating, creepy overtones, The Guy Knows Everything is sure to grip both suspense and horror lovers alike; a film that would easily rest comfortably in any Twilight Zone connoisseur’s collection."

"With a well written script, precise camera work and a complimentary accompanying soundtrack, it is no surprise that the film was offered a featured screening at the 2013 Sundance Showcase, nor that it is considered one of the top ten short films of the year..."

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