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Sundance Event

"Rating: 9/10  Not only is the script taut and ripe with brilliant dialogue for the performers to spew; visually and thematically it's intensely engrossing and lush...it's intensely watchable, brilliantly acted, and so capably maneuvered on every level technically..."   

-- Chris Conduit, The Conduit Speaks

"In a world where Hobbits and Avengers fill our heads with explosions and CGI created adventures, it is refreshing to be able to sit back and enjoy an absorbing tale that relies on the story and the characters to keep its audience’s eyes forward."    -- Greg Roberts, Killer Reviews

386 Films has been honored with a once in a life time opportunity to screen The Guy Knows Everything in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival. This screening is not an official festival event, but a special invite only showcase for major studio executives, industry contacts and A-list actors that will attend. The screening party will take place on January 26th, at one of the main Sundance sanctioned venues in Park City, only a few doors down from the Egyptian Theater.

The screening is set. The invites are going out. 386 Films and members of TGKE cast and crew have already made their last minute travel plans and will be in attendance. But, we need your help. This last minute surprise left us without time to plan and set aside resources, or secure a financial sponsor and there is more that needs to be done. In true 386 Films style we intend to make this the best event it can be so the film, our stars, crew and entire production shines. While the structure of the event is in place, we need help playing with the big boys. 

In the spirit of a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign we are seeking donations to will help make the event even more spectacular by aiding us in promotion, event entertainment (outside of the film), and key staff personnel to assure all runs smoothly.  Majority of travel costs have already been paid by 386 Films along with other costs to prepare the film and incidentals. 

We are truly appreciative of all our family, friends, fans and supporters. We are still a few thousand dollars away from our goal so any donation amount will be gratefully appreciated. For a $25.00+ donation we will send you an official The Guy Knows Everything DVD when it is ready.  If you would like to be our Sundance Angel and sponsor all remaining costs, you will be included on the Showcase V.I.P. Guest list at the venue (travel costs not included) to hang with us and those in attendance, thanked in our official DVD credits, receive a DVD, and forever loved by all involved.

We are very proud of this film and all involved. This incredible opportunity is an exciting showcase of our production, the talented actors, and crew. For a no budget short film out of Daytona Beach, its a major accomplishment. 386 Films has always prided ourselves in facilitating everything from productions, to premieres, to distribution without outside help. But in this circumstance and the possibilities that rest on this opportunity we are taking pride in you, our greatest asset.

Thank you all. 

Help us dance at Sundance