After a night of hard partying, Simone awakes unsure of the events that took place. The mystery deepens as her focus becomes clear leading to a chilling discovery.

Run Time: 17:00     Released: March 27, 2010

"It has enough horror to please most indie horror fans, while those who demand more intelligent horror will also likely be pleased with Simone's story underneath its surface."

"Talent rises as sure as the moon and in the case of Simone, this moon is bright, beautiful and beastly!"  Rating: 9/10

"...well into the realms of being a damned good film."

"SIMONE was a very enjoyable bite sized bit of genre goodness"

"Simone is a hell of a short"  Rating: 4/5

"...there is more quality film making here than in some of the 90 minute features you saw at the cineplex in 2010..."   Rating: 4/5

"...a terrific job of keeping viewers guessing as to what happened..."

"It's one of those films where, when you get to the end, you realize that the story is far richer than you originally anticipated."

"... a great job at presenting his supernatural erotic horror story and sets things up to reveal quite a pleasant twist. Simone really was rather inventive, and completely enjoyable."

"...For a short film this kind of stuff is unheard of...This is a new day for short horror movies"

"A short film that packs a can only hope for a full length feature to follow."