He was everything She imagined.  An unexpected night offers the truth about the perfect dream date.

Run Time: 15:00     Released: June 12, 2011

"Date Night proves once again that Fragale is a force in the indie film scene. He takes us to familiar territory before pulling the rug out from under our feet."

"Date Night was an entertaining and enjoyable thriller, with some truly horrifying and shocking elements, that as with Simone, had me wanting to see more once the credits rolled."

"I loved DATE NIGHT and if you are at the festival it is playing…do stop and watch it."

Rating: 4/5

"It's rare to see a film that everyone can take something away from, but that is exactly how I feel about "Date Night". Wickedly entertaining, but with a heart at it's core, it truly is a remarkable film."   Rating: 4.5/5

"Simone and Date Night are two good examples of good film making and have restored my faith in the potential short films actually have."   Rating: 7/10

"Sultry Horror Collision" -- VideoBlog Review

"There's a lot of dark comedy at work in Date Night, which culminates in a final scene that actually had me laughing at how sly the film was"

"Date Night is weird, funny and quite enjoyable."

Rating: 5/7

"DATE NIGHT is a brilliantly conceived and executed short film and is well worth watching."

Rating: 3.5/4

"The movie is beautiful to look at, his framing is confident and efficient, and it genuinely feels as if he always knows EXACTLY where he wants DATE NIGHT to go."   Rating: 8/10

"It's a film that you can't help but enjoy, because Fragale serves up romance, violence, comedy, thrills, horror and much more all within the film's 15-minute running time."  Rating: A-

"Date Night is just flat out weird and funny. Fragale’s back-to-back triumphs in two different genres with two completely different story structures definitely shows that he is extremely versatile."