In a battle of abuse, can Valerie's mind games conquer Tom's vicious physical torture? BREAKING VAL is a gritty drama about Valarie and Tom who have been married for four years. They seem to be a happy blue collar couple to the outside world. The reality, however, is very different. Tom's abuse escalates when Tom finds out that his wife has been taking comfort in another man, David. His focus intensifies as he attempts to break Val. With no way to fight back, can Valarie survive the Tom's physical brutality with her mind games?

Run Time: 17:00     Released: November 15, 2008

"It's Lindy Star Taylor under the spotlight, quite literally, and she dominates so effortlessly that I wondered if the few scenes where we see anyone else could have been cut to turn this into a one woman show. Maybe not, but the thought abides. As Fragale has pointed out, this isn't a 'girl tied to a chair' movie, this is a 'chair tied to a girl' movie."

-- Hal Astell, Apocalypse Later

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